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Empress Ursula, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Health Offices


To all Radio- and TV-Stations


Luebeck, Gemany, Thursday, March 27, 2003

Children Surprise/ CC To all Households.

Please let this  simple writing be translated in all languages and be handed over to the right persons. Maybe the translation is not understandable or it is easier to translate the German-language letter in your language, then you are allow to request the German original writing from the …………..(You can find it on the Internet)

the German-language letter you may find here:  Kinderüberraschung (


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, My Dear Fellow Men!

Today is again Thursday (Thunder day in German-language), my Dears, and also today the Empress should not miss to blow you the march and that in the full sense of the word, what  particular concerns your animally good sex behaviour.

This generation enjoyed life to the fullest for a long time at the expense of the children and adolescents and in this way many ones of you have consumed unfortunately themselves at the end.

In a begun manner you and people like you start this lifestyle cleverly, so that partial an adolescent now is proud of it, if the father or the mother has got a youthful partner of the same age like them; well a partner that would be able to be a siblings part of the adolescent.

There are also cases that the relationship is given to grandfather and to granddaughter and all others especially the children and adolescents must find their ways in such more repulsive circumstances.

In this way however, for a long time the children and adolescents have no more the identical chances and prerequisite to grown-up as healthy people like many ones of you have had, those ones now must orient on you and on this or other societies.

Many young people now run to the risk of turning to the same sex or into the drug world; some of them sack off into pleasure institutions and luxury items scene, since every orientation is threatened to get lost.

Long enough you and people like you watched that one family according to the next is gone into the breaks through insatiable wishes and needs, so especially the children and adolescents must pay the price unconsciously and also very obviously for a long time.

You have taken away especially the adolescents all values and value ideas through your excessive way of life, what you daily make public via the TV, Internet and video.

One only can beat you and people like you with identical arms, there helps no good sense and also assist no arguments, there helps only a proper „together mixed witch", that you and people like you must precise control all together and must know all your wishes and needs.

This mixed witch will instead of the sick women, those can not let it be and with which you also no more are able to deal, undertake these striplings in this way like a stray and howling dog to lead them to their own wives.

Either such a chap will look up and quarter temporarily with his mother to get relief or else he will look up his assigned wife and has to be reserved there for a long time.

You now will be forced like a place holder to answer for your children and your grandchildren to give up every illicit relationship, that often can consist of the youth of a human being and of the once beautiful been woman and her children.

Should in the meantime such chaps have been a molestation for the assigned woman, then this ones are requested to take immediately an own apartment and has to left the young or nearest relationship, which was looking for a right man of the cost of others even, if further children should be put into the world by a new relationship.

The children, those now lose their actual „granddad" from this relationship, will be protected financial of such a "right man", in which the children by the first marriage always in this connection have to get priority, but children from further relationships have to be protected absolutely by the social net.

The natural society form, which in the family forms the smallest unity, now has to have the absolute priority in this, our situation, to can give a genuine hold, what includes the model function of every adult.

It can not be true that a young mother e. g. with her children goes to her stepmother or her mother, the just may dress her and wipes the sleep from the eyes, because she went after to see for an already available child's room for junior staff by her amorous affairs*, or too, for her confirmation as a woman through her children and her grandchildren!

*But this is not the way; please pull yourself together voluntarily and end your affairs in order to be able to be a haven of peace for your and other children and young people, even if most young people would certainly rather enjoy life as well and everything should remain as it is for them in the future. 

You will be able to recognize meanwhile only easily that a real possibility exists to be able to realize a new beginning for all people and with everything what belongs to it*, which is coupled with not quite insignificant miracles, however, will presumably move in a framework of approximately only 15 months**, so that each individual has to bear his cross himself for a beginning and for a secured future.

In such a way the Empress should usually formulate it like often do many adolescents pronounce directly:

„Fuck off you randy sack!"

This known saying further means in a translated manner: „...because you get my life dirty and you has broken my mother!"

Nowadays one already are able to recognize a long-standing wife for optical reasons; also my person recognize a person that has come up to a already existed relationship.

Equally the Empress are able to notice clearly a so-called man, who himself will have taken liberties from another life and has decided for his wishes and needs.

At first, the spirit of the time has on a large scale created jumping jacks through a psychological control of the media, to destroy systematically their wives and as a result should pay of course the children and adolescents the last bill to orient themselves and to hold on an animal.

Through it, besides the women were coming in the position of the stronger personalities; so many of the old people were coming in the position of loosing the orientation as a result and also by the conservation with a pet.

If one listen in part to the newest German Hits, one may then write clearly to you, that you should already dance cheerfully to an end of the world text and father and daughter together idolize mutually themselves now non-split in love songs.

Also the life begins allegedly with 66 years, is it not so?

A long time ago your Empress gave this described witch in order to let undertake the dirt work for the Empress now, or did you think perhaps, that such a place holder or such place holders like the Empress are played off against people, which never did have practiced limitation and are existed to a great part like the kings, too, very conscious at the expense of coming generations?

It is to be hoped, you do not have thought to be really so valuable yourselves!

These mixed witch certainly should have also an animal-human-sex-behaviour into itself; so you should manage relief for yourselves, especially as a man and you should remove such used animals from the household.

Every veterinarian and animal connoisseur has the knowledge to find out such delicate animals.

By means of some new films every stupid one can recognize, that it became usual to lick themselves mutually and in the case of candlelight are eating too, almost as it the animals do when they make booty.

However, the Empress is also no child of sadness, but if the babies are licked already by the advertising exactly in the same way like a cat mother does lick its kitten, now must be end here with the half domestic animals, otherwise, these ones become acquainted with animally good service in the offside.

If you should decide against the Empress and her domination, please, you may call the number of the real animal doctor from the radio- or TV-programs and let yourselves advised from there; perhaps you are in actual facts operated better then, although until today the Empress has this „pig stall" spoken "world" radically rightly protected and apparently get the upper hand of it.

Now it is to be hoped too, that the describe witch will put you all together* in the shade with no trouble at all professionally.


You and people like you are no noble born ones, who more than only for one normal life may have to decree and so you and people like you have in this way to occupy the places correspondingly to hold the world first of all for the adolescents and children!

On behalf of


HP: Your Empress advises you well*, especially the Luebecker citizens, not to hide behind a preciousness or to attack a preciousness anymore, because that presumably has already undertaken your big domestic animal, what belongs to your Empress`s leash!

*This letter has been brought out from the treasury of my person and has been changed more understandably in content.* ** It has preceded its time, like many more of these letters. But the implementation and realization of this ordered witch already contains a part of the fairy tale.

This involves the swapping of the wedding couples.

September 2016/ 2019

Checked for a better understanding 30th. December 2018 / Jan. 2019

Checked 8. Sept. 2019 / Dec. 2019/ *14. July 2022.