The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe

Nicholas-Route and Rod!

Attention: You will all do or refrain from doing what you are ordered to do! 

King Juergen is your immediate Superior and Commander on behalf  of the Lord and Creator.

Emperor Diethard is the Guarantor and Commander for a threefold Security in the matter and on behalf of the Lord and Creation of us all!


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

World Population

and Politicians of the FRG

as a

Christmas letter

from the Empress

St Nicholas on 6 December 2023

That German-language document you may find here!

A real thunderstorm is sure to come from heaven, complete with travelling route* and rod!

Dear Readers, Honoured Clergy, Dear Politicians of Europe!

Once again today, my person has found a begging letter in the letterbox, and that too from the Roman Catholic Church of Lubeck!

You dare to do something, you miserable and cheap creatures on God's earth!

If you and others really believed in God, then you would all have known for a long time that the game is over and you would have realised long ago that the prophetically announced end of time has become visible, which has already played badly with many people!

However, the evil game usually hits the wrong people and the perpetrators of famines, for example, usually get away scot-free, as they can still savour life to the full!

This great injustice is no coincidence, but the Roman Catholic Church actually holds these diabolical strings in its hands, because the devil can do what he wants with many people!

How exactly this reversal of good and evil has been made possible has already been explained by my person several times on the Internet and the clergy has clearly drawn attention to this phenomenon!

So for the time being, I would strongly recommend that all European Catholics refrain from further abuse of our greatest good by holding the Eucharist in the Catholic Church and at the same time consider what needs to be done immediately instead!

The best suggestion I have heard so far to end hunger and emigration of the affected populations in the world came from my son. 

The rich nations really should have thought about making a generous donation and expertly building an infrastructure with everything that goes with it in the developing countries.

Every forward-looking and suitable politician should have long since calculated whether this would not be a win-win situation for all people around the world by putting a lasting end to the poverty and lack of prospects of local people!

Of course, a future-orientated life should not be achieved through further exploitation or degradation of the earth combined with environmental pollution, but rather through comprehensive training for the craftsmanship, which must be created mainly through physical strength and mechanics.  

In addition, the widespread cultivation of agriculture and the creation of housing estates with small houses and allotment gardens should and must become a model for the world of the future, especially in Africa!

Every billionaire or millionaire in the world will also have to think carefully about what he or she could have achieved on earth with the wealth they have accumulated, which the respective state or global Monarchy will now have to take over in terms of time!

In this way, the great accumulated wealth of the individual loses its value, as everything has to be paid into a large pot and moved through the pot!

Even the pocket money that the Empress demands has already lost its actual value for my person, but it is not yet completely worthless for others, especially for the future of others and for my children.

Of course, this loss of value has its price, because if you as an Empress or manager has not received your actually modest earnings on time, then the demands on all the people involved automatically increase.

These claims can no longer be settled with money, but these claims remain and concern in the first instance an adult older Catholic, but in the second instance an older Protestant who is childless or already has children in adulthood.

These demands on those concerned are to act as the role models of a Christian by giving a truthful account of the actual colossal events, on the ground and in person in all war zones through a meeting of the world's war leaders.

These aforementioned groups will get on a plane and not fly off on their so-called well-deserved Christmas holidays as planned, but they will end the wars in the world by putting their lives on the dirty line, which has been true for the Authorities for a very long time and obviously still is!

You will inform your children and grandchildren or even great-grandchildren that all Christmas presents must be withheld, at least throughout Europe, and that only children up to the age of 16 may be given presents, whereby disabled children may be given presents up to the age of 21.

All others will return the presents to the retailer and set up a collection centre for the mail-order business, where the presents are to be handed in, as demanded years ago.

If those affected have successfully ended the wars through their presence and testimony on the ground and have returned safely, then my person will consider whether there can be a beneficial Christmas in terms of presents for these age groups.

Otherwise, you and others affected will be portrayed as the parasites of the children and future generations, which is true and you, as the responsible generation, are indeed the parasites!

If those affected remain unsuccessful and do not return safely, then the next aeroplanes filled with contemporary witnesses will have to be sent to the war zones until the wars are over and no young men have to die as soldiers or even the civilian population with women and children in the war zones!

Talk about your journey with your children and grandchildren so that they will also realise what is going on and so that they will understand that something very powerful will change through a God-given Monarchy!

My person would actually have you and your kind chased by the Cudgel of my person, so that all those concerned will really learn to walk, which will probably behave somewhat differently with the orders and the personality of the King and the Emperor in your favour!

However, currently my person is in charge, but keeps paying into the matter with her time and health, which no other person can take over or solve.

There must be appropriate compensation for this, which can no longer be paid for with money, but may have to be paid for with the lives or risks taken by the aforementioned parasites!

If these and other affected people want to give a travel voucher as a Christmas present, then please redeem this voucher for a trip to Moscow or Kiev, where these people will gather there in a community to speak as witnesses en masse!

The same applies, for example, to travelling to Jerusalem or else Israel or Gaza City. 

In Pakistan, too, some of those affected will have to come forward en masse, and you and others will have to keep an eye on the Syrian and Turkish rulers.

But Iran should not be underestimated either and must be informed of these facts.

Talks will also have to be sought and found in the African region and continent, if necessary at the risk of one's own life, whereby it can no longer be the case that the Authorities have had to keep yours options open for decades and you are still playing the big bosses!

In the new year, you as the current politicians will have to find your way to the rubbish tips of the cities and carry out your future-orientated work there by working out sensible concepts for a functioning national economy that protects the earth and the environment and does not damage them!

You, as the current politicians of Europe, will partly take care of the future of mothers and children by ensuring that every child is looked after by its mother around the clock until it has reached the age of five and can articulate itself independently in pre-school kindergarten!

If the order is disobeyed, the mothers and the responsible politicians must expect to be deprived of their liberty for a few days in a psychiatric ward, with repeat offences possible as long as the children require the specified round-the-clock maternity protection.

Mothers and children are welcome to gather in the daycare centres and do something together, but the children remain under the supervision of the mother or father or, if necessary, the grandparents!

Last but not least, I would like to describe and emphasise the role model function of a politician, because if a government has already been condemned by the Federal Constitutional Court for unconstitutionality or misappropriation of funds and still marks the big man, then at the latest a change in practice and thus in the near future should take place for these members of government, as already ordered.

The children of our current Foreign Minister, for example, have also had to do without their mother for long enough, which cannot be the best possible role model for a politician, but on the contrary, many mothers across Europe and around the world also want to be seen as career women!

And if you would like to be seen as the great lady of Europe or the world, when your own and numerous children have long since reached adulthood, but the very important task of bringing up children has presumably been entrusted to the employees of the time, so that you can make a career as a woman and mother, for example by setting up daycare centres for working mothers, then you have not really understood life and the task of politics!

And if you don't even have these basic prerequisites, how can you actually want to lead people in the right direction by going into politics?

It is certainly very interesting in politics, because you also meet exceptional personalities such as kings and queens or princes and princesses or even an imperial couple, almost all of whom have come to Germany in recent years.

Naturally, these and other people wanted to know what was "actually going on" in the FRG and whether the throne on which these people sit is still recognised by the FRG!

But of course, such artificial and questionable nonsense is recognised by the German people in a particularly friendly way, especially when a natural and true Throne exists in the triple-secured formation of individual Bearers.

And these questionable bearers of an appointed crown of humanity certainly knew or hoped for this from the FRG!

My person hasn't kept track of exactly which of these people have not yet arrived in the FRG in recent years, but the majority of these crown bearers have already been to Berlin, including the Belgians recently or at present.

However, the fact that you and others are not even ashamed of your cowardice and falseness and promote such nonsense at the great expense of the true Crown, gives my person a lot to think about, so that my person would like to know how long you and others still want to hide behind the Crown!

However, the World Climate Conference in Dubai was probably also about all sorts of things, including global warming and global warming of the atmosphere, but not about the fundamentally important issues, which were clearly revealed in Asia at the same time as the conference, but were probably kept quiet, especially in the German news.

With such a beastly good behaviour, my person can only wish you a Merry Christmas!

With this in mind, have a good life and a good Christmas!

Ursula Sabisch


Of course, the first-degree family members of the Authorities are excluded from the above measures and of course my person still expects her hard-earned pocket money, which can become much more expensive for you and everyone else!!!

*Document completed on 07 December 2023./ 21.December 2023.*

HP:  *As the older generation of Canadians, Australians and Americans, you in particular should consider whether you too should get on an aeroplane immediately as the contemporary witnesses in this matter!

If necessary, talk to your psychiatrist about the reason for this trip, who should also think carefully about getting on a plane himself!